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Nu Skin Enterprises, Inc reports record fourth quarter

Nu Skin Enterprises, Inc. (NYSE: NUS) reported full year 2012 revenue of $2.17 billion, a 24 percent year-over-year improvement. Earnings per share for the year were $3.52, a 48 percent increase over 2011. Similarly, record fourth-quarter results were reported with earnings per share increasing 28% to $0.97.

Founded in 1984, Nu Skin Enterprises, Inc. (NYSE:NUS), is a direct selling company that distributes more than 200 premium-quality anti-aging products in both the personal care and nutritional supplements categorie.  The company operates in 53 international markets across the Americas, Asia Pacific, Europe, Africa and the Middle East with more than 946,000 active distributors preferred customers worldwide.

The growth plan targets Asia and Latin America and the company has been boosting its distribution networks in these regions.  A strategy supported by Chinese revenue growth of 28% in the fourth quarter.

However every region has been reporting strong growth and Truman Hunt, president and chief executive officer, commented that "We expect 2013 will be another record year with healthy trends in all of our regions".  Ritch Wood, chief financial officer added “We expect earnings per share to be $0.75 to $0.77 for the first quarter, and $3.77 to $3.92 for the year."  Consensus EPS forecasts are even higher.


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